New Kaiseki Cuisine

Kaiseki, the epitome of Japanese haute cuisine.

Inspirated from centuries-old fine dining treats from Kyoto, and refined with contemporary touches. Xenri presents gourmet culinary creations to evoke the senses of the discerning. This is the beginning of a sensory journey — an open invitation to savour the art of culinary harmony.

TA.KE.EN Omakase

Exclusive dining experience
tailored to your taste.

Specialising in “Kappo Omakase” which means “To Cut, To Cook” in Japanese, which emphasises on the chef’s personal cutlery skills, experience a smorgasbord of colours, flavours, textures, taste, and presentation from the chef’s choice of meats, sauces, and other ingredients. Indulge in your senses and experience contemporary Omakase dining at Xenri.